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Case Studies

Business Process Management

Business Process Management Business Process Management is an initiative wherein various business processes are mapped, documented and integrated towards achieving operational Effectiveness and Efficiency and providing a robust information system to the management. BPM covers the entire organization including all the activities of the business.

ERP Strategy

ERP Strategy With growing dynamics and complexities of businesses in the manufacturing sector, it becomes imminent to have a robust Information Management System through an efficient ERP solution. For those who do not understand technology, it can be a nightmare. Many organizations get stuck with

Costing Solutions

Costing Solutions The accepted formula for business profit is Profit = Selling price – Cost, the only controllable factor being Cost, as a lot of times, selling price is driven by market forces. Proper focus on establishing a good costing system and regular review of

Business Strategy

Business Strategy Success in business comes through proper planning and strategizing towards achievement of goals. Many times, the start will be good but as the time progresses, the priorities change and the direction might be totally different from what it is supposed to be. The