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ERP Strategy

With growing dynamics and complexities of businesses in the manufacturing sector, it becomes imminent to have a robust Information Management System through an efficient ERP solution. For those who do not understand technology, it can be a nightmare. Many organizations get stuck with wrong solutions, wrong service providers and wrong approach to ERP and end up with frustrations.

ERP is 80% Functionality and 20% Technology. Translating the business process and needs to a good information system using technology platforms is what is required.

A structured approach to ERP Design &Implementation is required for getting successful in the mission. A proper SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) approach will deliver proper results rather than a general approach to ERP.

Case Studies : A Rs.50 Crore food manufacturing and retail company run by a single promoter was facing a tough situation in managing all functions of the organization when the growth has been good. There was no reliable data flow in the organization and the decision making was more on experience and gut feeling. This had resulted in the company not able to have clarity on numbers and not able to exploit the growth potential of the business. Management review was not happening properly due to lack of reliable data.

The company had invested some money on implementing certain home grown ERP but things were not moving as the vendor was not appropriate for the situation. Given the future potential and strategies of the business, a proper strategy was formed for ERP solution and it was decided to go for SAP B1 as an appropriate solution for the company and we identified a vendor for implementing the same. Kenspire acted as an interface between the company and the ERP vendor and within a short period of 4 months, the implementation of the first phase of SAP B1 was completed and all functions of the organization were covered under the ERP.

The significant aspect of this is the interface between the client and the vendor for successful implementation of the software.