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Strategy Consulting

We offer curated strategy consulting services across industry verticals, to help companies build and implement practical and impactful strategies for growth. We aim to bring clarity and aid decision making process through an unflinching focus on providing value-added business insights through custom research & analysis. Our service offerings include:

Our team aims to cut the clutter and provide unbiased insights in to the business environment. Typical questions that we address to aid decision making include:

What is the impact of globalisation on my business- what are the opportunities and threats

What are the challenges faced in my distribution network and how to strengthen the same

How do I create a strategic network of vendors for my business

What Government policies and environmental regulations impact my business

Are there any import substitution possibilities / export markets that can be tapped

What are the trends in import and export trade relating to my portfolio of products

How do macroeconomic/ demographic/ urbanisation trends affect my business and how can I use them to my advantage

Who are the key customers for my product range and what are the typical specifications required

What is the level of customer satisfaction with respect to our range of products and/ or services

Who are the key competitors - what are their portfolio of products, markets addressed and key strengths

Key strengths

We offer unwavering focus on understanding customer needs

  • Understanding the client challenges is the first collaborative step in our approach and is structured as an iterative process to help define the scope of the assignment. Further, our regular updates ensures that the research is progressing in line with client expectations.

Problem-solving approach

  • Our experience of handling research projects across a wide spectrum of industries provides a unique vantage to adapt best practices across industries verticals. Our approach involves collecting and analysing data from relevant sources to map the business environment closely. This will include detailed primary as well as secondary research among end users, distributors, competitors, industry associations and trade bodies, relevant Government departments and industry experts.

Provide unbiased and holistic solutions

  • In this crucial step, the data gathered is triangulated to increase the credibility and validity of the research findings. This step is again iterative and ensures that supply- demand perspectives from all stakeholders are analysed to provide unbiased and holistic solution.

Forward looking 

  • The importance of data driven decision making in businesses cannot be over emphasized. More and more organisations are realising the full potential of data as an important tool to empower managers to make better decisions on a daily basis. We are excited and look forward to collaborate with your team on the road to develop winning strategies. 

Business Strategy Gap Analysis & Way forward

Business environment is in a constant state of flux- more so now than ever. Business managers and decision makers are focussed on adapting quickly to the developing situation and taking anticipatory steps to ensure the business is steadfast.

Market Entry Strategy Advisory

Venturing in to a new business vertical inherently involves addressing risks and challenges relating to target product-market combination.

India Entry Strategy & Business Set Up Services

India offers an attractive market with vast potential. The country is a sought-after destination with increasing levels of urbanisation and favourable demographics.

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