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About Kenspire – the journey

“To be the most sought after management advisory firm to support businesses realize their potential & achieve their goals through a structured approach.”

Kenspire Vision

Kenspire Advisors is a professional services company, focusing on advising clients on establishing, managing and growing businesses in a methodical, structured and sustained manner. Founded in 2011 by S. Krishnan, a Chartered Accountant & a Cost Accountant, Kenspire has been working with several clients in India and abroad, helping them in the areas of Management and Strategy. Today, Kenspire has numerous professionals in the domains of Finance, accounting, taxation, Management, Tehnology, Company Law compliance, Marketing, People Management and business operations management. With wide ranging services to clients and an unique approach of handholding implementation, Kenspire stands apart as a Trusted company to many entrepreneurs in their journey of realizing their dreams.

As of 2024, we are advising businesses worth USD 1 Billion. Kenspire’s mission is to take this to USD 4 Billion by 2030.

Building a great future for the clients by adding value to the thinking of the entrepreneurs is the key factor in Kenspire. We believe in transforming organisations through entrepreneurial transformation.

Kenspire has its unique advantage of providing complete solutions to organisations, be it Ideation, incubation, development, maturity and expansion stages. During this journey, Kenspire has built capabilities to provide support on the areas of Strategy, Management, Finance, Marketing, People Management, Technology and continuous improvement.

Kenspire believes in instilling in the minds of the clients, the way to build & create long term wealth through business excellence. Creating a purpose for organisations and driving them towards a long-term goal has been a hallmark of Kenspire.

The inspiration for Kenspire emanates from its deep rooted belief in Knowledge and we believe that Kenspire’s knowledge of client’s businesses should bring in client delight and prosperity.

Over the years, Kenspire has expanded into areas, which are relevant to the current needs of the clients including integrated technology enabled business solutions in the areas of E-Commerce, Enterprise solutions and business management.

With a new division of Strategy Consulting, Kenspire desires to serve overseas and Indian clients in seamlessly strategizing & establishing their businesses in India. Kenspire Management Consulting division helps these companies in managing their businesses.

Core Values

  • Fostering creativity and entrepreneurial spirit

Future is all about ideas & solutions and a creative mind and an entrepreneurial attitude is capable of changing this world. We would want to encourage and support this.

  • Self-governance, personal responsibility and accountability

This is a sine-qua-non for Growth & Happiness. We believe in this and would like to work with this spirit.

  • Abundance mentality

It is all about the Mind and an abundant mind can achieve greater things and make everyone around happier. We are filled with this and strive to serve the clients with this mindset.

  • Building a culture of learning & greatness

Our Motto being “Inspired by Knowledge” & KEN in Kenspire meaning Knowledge, there is no end to learning. Being a learner gives us the best advantage of serving the clients with humility.
Greatness lies in presenting complex things in a simple way and we believe in keeping things simple and grounded on basics.

  • Public and private virtue

Private virtue is the character to govern oneself according to moral law at all times. Public virtue is the character to voluntarily sacrifice or subjugate personal wants for the greater good of other individuals or the community.
This mentality drives us in Kenspire and You and more important than Us.

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