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Industries Serviced

Consumer retail

Consumer Retail is booming in India and the next decade will be exciting time for this sector. Kenspire has more than two decades of experience in advising clients in retail, particularly in Jewellery, Fashion, textiles, Food & Beverage sectors. Many clients have consistently been able to grow in double digits and a 5 year CAGR of upwards of 25%.

Auto Components Sector

Indian Auto sector is on the rise, primarily on domestic consumption demands. Several OE’s have set up manufacturing in India in the past two decades and this has resulted in tremendous growth in components manufacturing sector across India. The key challenges for these component manufacturers are coping up with quality standards of OE and also to manage their finances properly. Kenspire helps companies in both the areas. Clients have seen quantum leap in their businesses in this sector with their association with Kenspire.


Healthcare is an ever-growing sector in India and Kenspire has advised a few Hospitals in building expansion strategy, raising funds and helped them build their management systems and processes.

Shipping & Logistics

Logistics sector is a fast growing one in India. This sector, right now, is going through a disruption mode because of the industry getting evolved and digital transformation and consolidation. There is going to be more DTC (Direct to Customer) approach by Liners across. Warehousing & Distribution businesses are going to be redefined absolutely. Kenspire has more than 20 years experience in this sector and with Kenspire’s technology focused advisory, clients can benefit out of this expertise.

FMCG & Food Retail

Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector has been seeing tremendous growth due to rising consumerism in India. Several ventures in this area have seen success. Kenspire has been advising strong brands as well as emerging ones to have a structured approach to growth. Helping this sector clients adapt seamlessly to digital space is an area of expertise for Kenspire.

Steel Parts & Products

Kenspire has advised companies in India and abroad in this sector establishing their policies, processes and methods. Establishing costing systems for companies in this sector has been a great contribution.

Chemicals, Mining & Processing

Kenspire has advised companies in this sector establishing their policies, processes and methods. Implementing Internal control systems for companies in this sector.

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