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Growth Advisory – Marketing & Sales support

Marketing as a Service

Kenspire Advisors brings to you Marketing as a Service (MaaS) to enable the top management handle the subject of Marketing & Sales effectively and efficiently.

Methodology – Kenspire Advisors approaches each client with an open mind to understand the specific circumstances, dynamics & DNA of the organization, and based on that, we customize our solutions which will work effectively for the client organization. We use tools like organizational SWOT analysis, financial analysis and primary & secondary market research to understand the above. Our uniqueness is our implementation support and continuous engagement to enable achievement of business goals.

Why Kenspire Advisors for Marketing & Sales support?

Are you looking to unleash the potential of your business/ products, through a structured approach towards Marketing & sales activities?

Kenspire Advisors can help you achieve just that! We believe that, in today’s market situation, only a structured & scientific approach towards marketing & sales will enable faster and sustainable growth of organization.

In the above context, if the following challenges ring a bell, then Kenspire Advisors can help you solve these.

Business challenges that we address

Shift towards data-oriented decision making strategies to minimize business risk

Implement a data strategy to collect, manage and interpret customer feedback and map competition intelligence for effective decision making

Enable marketing team to use data analysis and insights to plan marketing campaigns

Structure the sales team to receive and use regular data insights to plan product-market mix

Develop and implement digital marketing strategy and process to effectively build brand awareness among target customers

Articulate & implement a clear sales management process that is aligned towards excellence through periodic reviews

Evaluate and strengthen integrated supply chain to ensure product is available at the right time, right place and right price

Data analysis & Insights

We believe in the potential of data as an important tool to empower managers to make better decisions dynamically- a rational approach in decision making is to leverage data analysis and insights to reduce risks

Our strategy consulting team is specialised in analysis and interpretation of internal as well as external data, customized to business requirements

Evaluate and implement effective marketing function

Effective marketing function begins with a clearly defined USP- Unique Selling Proposition

Interpretations from internal MIS data and market developments are comprehensively applied to arrive at well defined marketing plan

We assist management to implement effective marketing function to build awareness among target markets

Digital marketing strategy and process

Digital marketing strategy realigns traditional marketing approach to stay relevant and reach out to target customers

We assist companies to develop and implement digital marketing to take advantage of multiple online platforms, market places and social media to effectively engage with target audience in a meaningful and measurable manner

Evaluating sales management process

We specialize in setting and managing the sales process, customized to business requirements

Building a sales strategy and formulation of sales plan is undertaken with a mid to long term vision for the organization

Sales management process is designed to strive towards continuous excellence and daily, weekly and monthly reviews are structured in order to ensure performance against plan vs actual

Evaluating effectiveness of distribution channels and policies

Retail sales happens when the product is available at the right time, right place and right price

Distribution channels are a crucial link to ensure availability of products at the point of sale

Critical evaluation of effectiveness of supply chain is undertaken through structured review of all touch points on a periodic basis

Our model of integrated supply chain, aligned with business goals, has been successfully adopted by well-known retail brands

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