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Business Process Management

Business Process Management is an initiative wherein various business processes are mapped, documented and integrated towards achieving operational Effectiveness and Efficiency and providing a robust information system to the management. BPM covers the entire organization including all the activities of the business.
The key advantage of doing this is to create an organization which will be process driven and less people oriented. The dependency on individuals will significantly reduce and will enable management to build vibrant and reliable organizations. This helps bring in clarity to all in the organization as to what is their role and responsibility and where do they stand in the organization structure.
The approach towards this will be a detailed AS IS study, which will lead to a Gap analysis and finally TO BE documents will be created as SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). These SOPs will be for each key activity and will be further detailed in micro level as work instructions at the desk level. The key to the entire activity is the level of integration in all these processes and alignment to achieving corporate goals.
Kenspire Advisors has a good track record of ideating and establishing Business Processes for a variety of organizations in Manufacturing, Service and Trading sectors.

Case Studies : A family managed, second generation business house, engaged in Jewellery retail business with a very large business size with multiple branches across the State approached us for building a strong foundation for the company by adopting formal management methods.

The first and foremost activity was to freeze the Objectives and goals of the organization and to arrive at an appropriate business strategy which will align with the goals. The methods used were SWOT, Core Competency analysis, Vision/Mission and then Business Strategy.

The organization was managed with traditional approach with push strategies in sales and with no clear focus on Marketing & Sales activities, with lack of dedicated team to monitor. After understanding the reality, it was suggested to have a Corporate Sales Team at the HO which will be responsible to achieve the Sales targets through the various Branches and Points of Sales.

The organization was classified into 5 departments and about 50 business processes. After a thorough AS-IS study and GAP analysis, TO-Be process document was created for each of the processes. This was supported by Roles and responsibilities document for each process. To further percolate, individual Work Instructions were prepared for each sub-activity under various processes. All these were guided by the documented policies of the organization for the various functions.

The organization structure was created and roles and responsibility of each position was defined. A three layered organization structure was suggested with a Pyramid Structure at all levels.

Implementation of the same was taken up by way of workshops, training programs, etc and supported by a Process Compliance Review/Audit.

The result was phenomenal and the corporate sales team was set with a clear day to day process aimed at both enabling and monitoring activities. This resulted in clarity on roles as well as enhanced focus on sales activity and finally resulting in higher rate of growth with same infrastructure.

Each of the other departments started working with clear focus on their functional structure and goals and also how to interact with each other department to achieve the common goals.