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Business Strategy

Success in business comes through proper planning and strategizing towards achievement of goals. Many times, the start will be good but as the time progresses, the priorities change and the direction might be totally different from what it is supposed to be. The main reason is lack of structured approach to business planning and strategy and a proper way of working within a framework to make it successful.

Business Strategy should flow from the Vision and Mission of the organization, which emanates from the Big Purpose of why engage in this business. There needs to be an alignment with the SWOT analysis of the entrepreneur and the business goals/strategy.

Given today’s competitive environment, those who have a structured approach to business have a reasonable probability of sustained success.

Kenspire Advisors provides complete solutions in Business Strategy development and implementation for SME entrepreneurs and organizations.

The team is headed by S. Krishnan, Director, who has about two decades of experience in advising SME entrepreneurs and emerging corporates in business strategy and implementation.

Case  Studies : A family managed, second generation business house, engaged in Jewellery retail business with a very large business size with multiple branches across the State required to be transformed to a process oriented company.

The first and foremost activity was to freeze the Objectives and goals of the organization and to arrive at an appropriate business strategy which will align with the goals. The methods used were SWOT, Core Competency analysis, Vision/Mission and then Business Strategy.

The organization was managed with traditional approach with push strategies in sales and with no clear focus on Marketing & Sales activities, with lack of dedicated team to monitor. After understanding the reality, it was suggested to have a Corporate Sales Team at the HO which will be responsible to achieve the Sales targets through the various Branches and Points of Sales.

The organization was classified into 5 departments and about 50 business processes. The organization structure was created and roles and responsibility of each position was defined. A three layered organization structure was suggested with a Pyramid Structure at all levels.

The result was phenomenal and the corporate sales team was set with a clear day to day process aimed at both enabling and monitoring activities. This resulted in clarity on roles as well as enhanced focus on sales activity and finally resulting in higher rate of growth with same infrastructure.

Each of the other departments started working with clear focus on their functional structure and goals and also how to interact with each other department to achieve the common goals.