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Business Strategy

Success in business comes through proper planning and strategizing towards achievement of goals. Many times, the start will be good but as the time progresses, the priorities change and the direction might be totally different from what it is supposed to be. The main reason is lack of structured approach to business planning and strategy and a proper way of working within a framework to make it successful
Business Strategy should flow from the Vision and Mission of the organization, which emanates from the Big Purpose of why engage in this business. There needs to be an alignment with the SWOT analysis of the entrepreneur and the business goals/strategy Given today’s competitive environment, those who have a structured approach to business have a reasonable probability of sustained success. Kenspire Advisors provides complete solutions in Business Strategy development and implementation for SME entrepreneurs and organizations. The team is headed by S. Krishnan, Director, who has about two decades of experience in advising SME entrepreneurs and emerging corporates in business strategy and implementation.